I really enjoyed the 1:1 interview session as it allowed me to explore issues and their implications on my practice.” Senior Leader in the school.

Comments and outcomes from staff

I like the idea of developing a wider team over and beyond the successful coaching for success programme. Once these leadership posts are agreed we can meet up to build on these successes.

Executive Head, West Yorkshire Federated School

The Subject Leaders’ programme has worked so well I would like the SLT to have the same opportunity in the next phase.

Headteacher , Hull Primary School

We worked well as a team on the day and feel confident to take more ownership of assessment now.” Team of three teaching assistants.

Comments and outcomes from staff

We have worked very successfully over some years with Local Authorities across the Humber to deliver the Leadership Model, in the City of Hull and working with Grimsby and other local areas.  The pilot approach working with primary school clusters initially in use of online self -evaluation and assessment materials has been well received and is seen as user friendly.

Vivien Parker Senior Advisor Partnerships, University of Hull

At the start of the programme my confidence was low and feedback from SLT was critical. The motivational report highlighted a way forward for me. I recognised that I was not exploiting the areas I was good at The Insights programme engineered a role for me (to lead a group of subject leaders) I had the opportunity to set agendas, chair meetings and follow-up with monitoring actions to ensure staff were prepared for the next tranche of Leadership coaching meetings.

Comments and outcomes from staff

My staff are now asking when the next coaching session is. They really see the benefits of the 1:1 coaching session. I’m thrilled with the whole-school impacts that are being achieved.

Headteacher , Hull Special School

The programme gave me the confidence to develop my skills. The Head recognised the improvements I made. I was nominated and accepted as a Moderator for KS1 for the local authority.

Comments and outcomes from staff

5/5- The personal interview hit the nail on the head. It helped me to recognise how people see me and how I feel about myself as a leader.

Assistant Headteacher, Primary School West Yorkshire

The Leadership Insights suite of programmes had been run successfully in three of our schools over the last five years. We had seen the positive impact of an experienced Consultant implementing the Leadership Days within these schools. We were positive this Consultant would deliver the right level of training that our Senior Leaders would need to run these sessions in our schools.

Deputy Principal, Evolve Academy Wakefield

I worked with OMA during my time in Hull. Being coached to become a very successful urban leader was part of my aspirations. I was surrounded by a groundbreaking initiative for Teaching and learning CPD. It was the support of coaching and guidance through this process that enabled me to put this into practice and embed it throughout the school. This was the key difference that enabled the Academy to be “Good” during the section 5 OFSTED inspection.

Hull Headteacher

I now want to lead more phase and teaching assistant meetings to build on our collaborative work.“ Newly Qualified Teacher.

Comments and outcomes from staff
I have known David Livsey from Leadership Insights for the last three years and have been impressed by the breadth of experience and understanding of the changes in the field of education over a long period of time.  They can keep track and use the changes appropriately in the Leadership Centre work.
Comments and outcomes from staff

The reasons for the Leadership Insights Day and the benefits became clear as the day unfolded. I have now definite goals to achieve before my retirement.

Year Group Leader, Hull Primary School

OMA ltd has been working with my middle leaders for the last two years 2. The model of one- to- one coaching has been inspirational to those involved. I have seen these staff grow in confidence and self- awareness whilst deepening their understanding of strategic leadership.

Christopher Pickering Primary School Hull

I gained so much and learned so much about myself. Expressing my views to an independent ear enable me to assess how current and workable my ideas were.

Comments and outcomes from staff, Early Years practitioner
As a result of the training, the Head noticed my positive actions and gave me additional roles of responsibility and influence at a whole-school level.  My whole self-perception changed, and I fulfilled rigorous but rewarding successes. The highlight being my successful preparation and presentation to achieve the Arts Mark award for the school.
Comments and outcomes from staff

Having this amount of time to reflect on my practice made this a rare and valuable day.

Comments and outcomes from staff

This bespoke programme is providing me with a professional benchmarking, evaluating, CPD target setting and monitoring programme for all levels of staff

Headteacher , Hull Primary School

OMA has worked with me to help develop my middle and senior leaders. The programme put in place has been a real driver to inspire   senior leaders and develop my aspirant leaders. Middle leadership had been an area for development picked up by our last Ofsted and the way the programme has been devised has given staff quality professional development. As the head teacher, I am kept informed of developments and David provides me with advice on who to focus on and what areas need addressing.  This is having a real impact on school improvement.

Hull Headteacher

I attended the Train the Trainers Conference in January 2018. I was reassured that my organisation had identified me as a Trainer for staff in school.

I recognised that being involved in building capacity in our school was a priority. The four sessions enabled me to develop my skills to promote leadership qualities required of Emerging Leaders.

M Half, Acres School Castleford

“These Leadership development programmes recognise the importance and provide opportunities, time and resources for individuals to be aware of their own and others’ needs. They demonstrate how a rigorous self-assessment process can provide evidence of where someone ‘is’ and puts in place a route to lift them to the next level of Impact Leadership.”

Education Matters Publication, Excellence in Leadership & management

I have worked with Leadership Insights over the last 9 years as part of this school support linked to Motivational Maps and have observed (and experienced personally) the positive impact they can have on staff (at both individual & team levels). I was given the opportunity to train as a Maps Practitioner. This meant I would be trained to have the knowledge and skills to issue the online surveys to staff, receive and analyse the findings and give feedback with future agreed action steps.

Deputy Head, Francis Askew School Hull.

The pupil data session helped me to break down everything into smaller steps and consider how to start building capacity from potential key staff, so they can have more ownership of the analysis and subsequent interventions.

Phase Leader , Hull Primary School

The Leadership Insights suite of programmes had been run successfully in three of our schools over the last five years. We had seen the positive impact of an experienced Consultant implementing the Leadership Days within these schools. We were positive this Consultant would deliver the right level of training that our Senior Leaders would need to run these sessions in our schools.

Deputy Principal, Evolve Academy Wakefield

I will now stop rushing around like a headless chicken and start to plan ahead to pre-empt leadership problems and use my advocate to the full

VT Phase leader, Hull Primary School

The day confirmed to me that the head wants to invest in me and my career. I was unsure where my next steps should be. I now know that aspiring to a senior leader’s role is where I want to be.” Recently appointed foundation stage leader.

Comments and outcomes from staff

Evaluation of Leadership Insights phase three-Staff appreciated the time the school had invested to support them with their Subject Leadership. The 1:1 coaching was regarded as the most useful strategy to give focus, clear deadlines and support to meet the targets set. The frequency of the meetings was also seen as supportive as its engendered pace and momentum in preparation for the next review.

St Nicholas School

I have been working with the programmed for the past three years as part of my induction into the role of Head of School. Following the Leadership Insights programme I have transformed my self-perception and, skillful coaching, has played a central part in the development of a wide range of my own leadership skills. Work undertaken with other members of my staff -from the Assistant Head to teaching assistants – has also had a significant impact upon whole school initiatives.

Principal of Secondary Studio School Hull